May 1, 2021

With Provincial Parks & Conservation Areas operating mountain bike trails during the lockdown, Boler Mountain Bike & Fitness Trails will remain open
for guests within our health unit at this time. Check-in & payment at the outside ticket window only. The building is closed.
Health Screening must be completed on our App before coming on the property.

  • No group bookings at this time
  • No washroom or water fountain access at this time
  • No Bike Rentals at this time
  • Please ride with members of your household only
  • Physical distancing will be enforced both on the hill and around the chalet
  • No gathering on-site (eg. parking lot, or breakpoints on the trails etc.)
  • Each guest must have a trail pass (eg. Day Ticket or Season Pass)
  • Health screening and Check-in & check-out must be completed at each visit
  • Dogs are allowed on fitness trails only and must be leash at all times



  • no season passes this season
  • no group lessons this season
  • limited amount of private lessons
  • All lift tickets, rentals and tube tickets will have reduced capacity and reservations are mandatory
  • no dressing area in the chalet, please use your vehicle or the small outdoor area by the ticket window
  • All rentals will be sanitized using our Sani Sport Ozone Machine
  • Chalet access will be limited to washroom use and takeout food access
  • Food & beverage options are limited to the takeout cafe on main floor of chalet and the outdoor bbq warming area West of the chalet
  • Physical distancing will be enforced both on the hill and off the chalet
  • Persons not from the same household must leave an empty seat on the chair between them
  • Masks must be worn in line, on the chair lift, at the top of the hill and inside all buildings. This will be strictly enforced
  • Increase sanitizing will be conducted by staff
  • guest must complete health screening , please download the Boler Mountain app





Winter 2020-2021 – Yes We Will Be Open but When?

Answers to your COVID-19 Questions


Boler Mountain is committed to offering a winter season as “close to normal” as possible while adhering to all Covid-19 regulations and implementing industry

best practices. Please read below to understand some of the changes that will be in effect for the season. Further measures may be applied as the Government comes out with new protocols.


Update as of December 21/20

To our valued Guests,


The province of Ontario has determined that Ski Hills will not be allowed to operate during the newly announced Province Shutdown. The entire Boler Mountain team is saddened by this news and disappointed that the start of the 20/21 winter season will be delayed.


Our Boler Mountain team will continue season preparations in anticipation of being able to open as soon as the Province allows.


Even though the shutdown doesn’t begin until December 26th we do not feel that proceeding with our scheduled opening on December 23rd would be appropriate at this time. We would like to recognize the hard work and effort our team has put in to be ready for this date. However with the medical experts ordering ski hills closed we want to do our part now in trying to return to a healthy Ontario. Hopefully we might have a return to the slopes before the end of the shutdown period.


At this time we ask everyone who has season passes and prepaid lessons to be patient.   We will be extending our refund guarantees and provide more information in the next couple of weeks.


We realize how much it means to our valued guests to spend time with your friends and family here at Boler Mountain. We look forward to seeing all of you when the province is healthier as the season is delayed, not cancelled.

With heavy hearts,


Greg Strauss & Marty Thody

Boler Mountain Management Team


Heather Neskas



Operating Hours

  • Regular operating hours will be from 11am to 9:30pm Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 9:30pm Saturdays and 8:30am to 7:00pm Sundays. Hours over the holidays will vary as usual.
  • The number of lifts operating may vary depending on demand, available terrain and snow conditions.


Face coverings are mandatory while on the property or in the buildings.  This includes lift lineups, lift load, while on the lifts, and lift unload.  At the start of your descent you may lower your face covering as long as you replace it before entering populated areas at the bottom of the run.   “DON’T BE THE REASON WE LOSE OUR SEASON – WEAR A MASK”



Season Passes


Updated December 20th



Orignal Posting

  • Season pass sales may be capped at any time.
  • Covid Season assurance of 70 days – if less than 70 operating days due to a period of shutdown due to COVID-19 a prorated refund based on the actual number of operating days as a percentage, e. if 60 days open then 1/7 of season pass would be refunded. Boler intends to open as soon as weather permits and will do our best to be open until April 4. As always, operating hours may change in December and March to support demand and the snowpack.
  • No questions asked 100% refund up to December 10, 2020 for anyone who wants a refund.
  • Earlybird deadline is November 1st.
  • If London remains in Covid Stage 3 then season passholders may come and go as they please unless Boler is at capacity as determined by management. This is not the typical number as in the past but rather a number determined by the ability of the guests on the terrain and their flow and movement on the property and the available amenities to support them.
  • Boler MAY have to implement booked times. We have the systems in place to do this if the restrictions change and we need to implement tighter controls within diminished capacities. At this time we don’t expect to implement this limitation but there is a chance this may happen.
  • As a season pass holder you will be required to sign in/ check in/ out for contact tracing purposes. Boler is developing an APP for this.
  • Waivers are now online and pictures for season passes will be taken from the waiver.

*** Update December 9th

  • now that we are in the orange zone the chalet capacity is reduced to 50 people for indoor seating. Reservations will be needed to sit in the upstairs food & beverage area. If we get reclassified as the Red Zone then there will be no indoor seating for food & beverage however we will have a couple outdoor options.
  • lessons and programs will continue in both orange and red zones but would be suspended in a grey zone
  • we will be allowed to continue to operate the lifts even if we enter the grey zone.
  • season passholders will be limited to 4 hour blocks, 1 per day
  • season passholders MAY be required to book their 4 hour block in advance. Reservations would be limited to 1 per day and we would open up spots 1 week in advance. Anyone with a scheduled lesson would be automatically reserved a time period for their lesson
  • Day tickets will still be offered but quantities may be limited
  • in working with our local health unit the following rules would be followed for loading chairlifts. These procedures will lengthen lift lines but are mandatory Covid precautions
  • anyone in the same household or in a lesson program can ride 4 persons to a chair
  • if you are not in the same household, chair would be loaded with a maximum of 2 guests
  • for those guests that want to ride single we will not pair you up with anyone
  • the singles line will no longer be implemented at any of the chairlifts
  • physical distancing will be in place at all the chair lift lines
  • face coverings are required in lift lines, loading chair, riding chair and unloading chair. They may only be removed briefly while skiing/boarding if you're not within 2 metres of anyone else

Please note this information is current at this time but is subject to change

** Update Dec. 17th

  • now that we are in a red zone chalet food&beverage capacity is 10 people.   All food purchases will be by preorder only through our website (minimum 15 minutes preorder time)

Day Tickets


  • Individual day tickets will be available as well as ticket booklets but may be limited during peak times.
  • Please be advised that the ticket booklets come with no guarantee of weather, snow conditions or available terrain but Boler does guarantee 70 days of operation if there is a Covid interruption and Boler is committed to opening as soon as conditions permit. We are committed to operating as long as conditions permit.  If Covid causes an operating interruption ticket booklet expiry dates will be extended to January 2022.
  • Weekend rates are in effect this season however, we have held our day ticket prices for all weekday skiing and have a small increase on weekend day tickets.
  • Ticket booklets will be redeemed during all operating hours
  • Ticket holders will be required to sign in/ out in order to help with contact tracing. Boler is developing an app and/or will have designated sign in locations.

*** Updated December 16th

  • Tickets may not be available the first 2 days of the season as we work through our onsite traffic
  • We will start with tickets only being available for reservation and purchase online as we determine capacities until all runs and lifts are operating


Lesson Programs


  • All regular programs will be operating with no or very little increase in price.
  • The available space/numbers per program on weekends will be less this year with added times and space throughout the weekdays and weeknights.
  • Designated meeting spots may be different than in past years and will be conveyed to you prior to the first week of the eight week program.
  • Walk up lessons may not be
  • As in past years lessons will run in all weather conditions except lightning or conditions that would require Boler to halt operations.
  • If Boler has to halt operations due to weather or government shutdown we will do our best to continue to offer the program on the same day and time upon resumption of operations. If we are unable to accommodate the same time and day we will reschedule at alternative days and times. Prorated rebates will be offered for those that cannot switch days or if Boler is not able to offer the remaining lessons.
  • All lesson attendees will be required to sign in and complete a health test/questionnaire prior to the start of the lesson so please adjust schedule accordingly. Details will be sent out prior to the commencement of your program.
  • If you are renting please allow a minimum of 30 min prior to lesson to be fitted for your equipment. There will be limited occupancy inside the rental shop. You may be required to stand in a line outside prior to entering the rental shop. If the province shuts down indoor occupancy (retail) we will run the rental operation outside.


Food and Beverage


  • During non peak times you will be able to come and go in the food and beverage seating area. It will be mandatory to sign in and out on each entry exit as per the restaurant guidelines.
  • During peak periods for indoor use there will be a 45 minute time limit on a booked table. Boler will be using our booking system for tables/ seat time in busy periods this season. We will allow for 10 min grace period if you are running late or you may lose the booking.
  • During busy periods there will be no table camping allowed. The tables will be held for guests participating in skiing/ boarding/ sliding to warm up and time limits will be imposed
  • During peak times we will have tents on the west deck and other TBD locations for outdoor eating with various means of heating.
  • No outside food can be brought into the chalet or other designated food area.
  • Food selections will be streamlined.  Items will be less customizable but as delicious as always. Grab n Go will be freshly stocked each day, this will be the only self serve . There will be no self serve in the scramble.
  • The high touch areas will be continuously cleaned throughout all the buildings on the property. Additionally, all buildings will be fogged with a disinfectant at least once per day.
  • Washrooms will be on a regular cleaning schedule with high touch areas constantly cleaned.
  • Washrooms in peak times will have a host outside to prevent overcrowding.


Customer Service


  • Point of sale stations will be set up with a barrier.
  • Minimum number of people will be allowed in the lineup area so you may be required to line up outside in another designated area. Please adhere to physical distancing while in line ups and around other cohorts.
  • Online sales for ticket booklets, season pass, and lessons is the preferred method.
  • There will be no lost and found for clothing. Credit cards, wallets, phones and keys will be cleaned and stored.



Rental Shop


  • Rentals will be on a first come first serve and may be limited.
  • Ticket and rental payment will be at customer service. You will then proceed to the north east door of the original chalet to enter rental shop.  Rental shop capacity will be reduced and you may have to line up outside.  There will be a greeter to take you to your boot fitting, a technician will fit you for boots and direct you to the ski setting station and helmet fitting followed by pole selection on your way out the west exit.
  • Returns will be at the east doors in the vestibule ( the old main entrance)
  • Your personnel footwear will be stored in the rental shop until you return the equipment.  When you return the equipment you will be passed your personnel footwear so you can change under the heated vestibule outside.
  • All equipment will be sanitized prior to being placed back into rotation using an Ozone machine as well as a din rated cleaning solution.
  • Ski storage will be available again this year with only 1 family allowed in at a time.




  • Tubing will operate as normal while adhering to the Covid-19 protocol of physical distancing and masks on.
  • All tube passes will be purchased online and picked up in the Tube Park.
  • Tube hours have changed. Tubing will now start on the half hour every hour starting at 5:30Pm – 9:30PM Wednesday-Friday, Saturday 10:30AM-9:30PM, Sunday 10:30AM-5:30PM, and  Holidays 10:30AM-9:30PM
  • All Helmets will be sanitized with our Sani Clean Ozonator
  • Face coverings and gloves are mandatory while tubing. “DON’T BE THE REASON WE LOSE OUR SEASON – WEAR A MASK”





Boler Mountain will strive to keep your visit as normal and stress free as possible. We need your help to ensure physically distance at all time and respect your fellow guests and our team.   Wear your mask for us and we will wear our mask for you. Don’t come to Boler if you feel ill. If you are at Boler and you begin to feel ill let a staff member know and we will have a safe place for you to rest until your ride home arrives. Your Boler family is looking forward to seeing you on the snow as soon as the weather allows us to open.


If you have any questions regarding our efforts to be open and our Covid-19 protocols please email



Your Boler Family , 


Anna May, Amy, Jessika, Katie, Kim, Peter, Randie, Ryan, Shaun, Steve, Greg & Marty


Boler Mountain Managers and Supervisors








Face coverings are mandatory while on the property or in the buildings. “DON’T BE THE REASON WE LOSE OUR SEASON – WEAR A MASK”


Winter Season information to be updated as of October 1, 2020. Registration start date TBD after October 1, 2020

July 18 - Update

Boler Mountain is committed to the health and well-being of our guests and staff. Here are some of the precautions that we are taking to protect you while you are on our property:

  • Hand sanitizing stations are set up throughout the premises
  • Lots of outdoor space for physical distancing
  • We are limiting the amount of staff we have in a building or resort location to be able to accommodate guests, while physical distancing
  • Staff will wear masks and face coverings when physical distancing is not possible
  • Common areas and washrooms are being cleaned and sanitized frequently

Mountain Biking & Fitness Trails

  • Mountain bike day tickets and season passes must be purchased at the outside ticket window to limit contact
  • All sign in & out for the trails (biking & hiking) will be done through the ticket window and can now also be done online on our mobile website.
  • Waivers for season passes will be completed online to minimize contact

Treetop Adventure Park

  • Treetop Adventure Park reservations have been spaced out.
  • Reservations must be made and paid for online in advance of your booked time
  • Waivers are being completed online to minimize contact
  • Hand sanitizer will be available at the start of each Treetop course
  • Physical distancing between guests must be observed by all guests on the ground and while in the courses
  • Helmets and harnesses will be disinfected after each use. After each use harnesses and helmets go through a cycle in our new Sani-Sport Disinfecting unit.

Please remember that all our safety guidelines that we adhere to for the Treetop Adventure Park and Mountain Biking are still being followed. We will incorporate the COVID-19 guidelines in addition to our regular practices.

PLEASE READ: Thank you for coming to enjoy Boler Mountain. Your visit at this time comes with an elevated duty of respect and care for our Guests and Team Members. By showing up at Boler for your visit, you are agreeing and stating that to the best of your knowledge you have not been exposed to any person or other that may have or has been exposed or is a carrier of the Covid 19 Virus. And that if you become aware that you or a person or other has been exposed to the virus you will inform one of the management team so the necessary actions and precautions can be exercised. While visiting and carrying out your activities at Boler you agree you will practice an elevated regime of hygiene - washing hands, avoiding touching of face, wearing and properly disposing of PPE.

Please note that as per the MLHU regulations face coverings are now mandatory if you need to come into the chalet for any reason.

When outside We are adhering to the recommendations by the Canadian Government and public health officials that wearing a homemade non-medical mask/facial covering in the community is recommended for periods of time when it is not possible to consistently maintain a 2-metre physical distance from others, particularly in crowded public settings.