Tech Shop

Boler Mountain Tech Shop

Boler Mountain is proud to offer a full service Tech Shop featuring a state of the art ski tuner and edger from Reichmann. We offer a 24 hour turnaround time guarantee. Come in and check with our experts on how you can get the most performance out of your equipment.

Services include:

Full Tune $50 +HST

(includes: Base Grind, Stone Grind, Machine Sharpen, and Wax)

Race Tune $65 +HST

(includes: Base Grind, Stone Grind, Hand Sharpen, High quality hot iron wax)

Binding Remount $45 +HST
Binding Adjustment $25 +HST
Wax and Sharpen $50 +HST
Wax only $25 +HST
Sharpen only $25 +HST

The Tech Shop/Rental Shop at Boler Mountain will be relocated to the original main chalet, lower level on completion of the new addition of the chalet.
Adult signature is required for rental to minors (under 18 years of age).
Please bring a valid drivers license.

Do’s and Don’t’s

DO: Arrive 30 minutes before your lesson on weekdays, 45 minutes prior on weekends.

DON’T: Wear more than one pair of socks, multiple lays of socks will actually make your feet colder, cause irritation and inhibit the proper boot fit.

DO: Have a parent or guardian sign for your rentals on site if you are under 18 years of age. NO EXCEPTIONS!!

DON’T: Wear pants with a tight cuff under your waterproof snow pants; instead wear something that can be easily pulled out over top of your ski or snowboard boot.

DO: Ask questions to ensure the proper fit. Your safety is our number one priority! One of our trained rental technicians will be glad to help!