Corporate Responsibility at Boler

At Boler Mountain, we are committed to the growth and sustainability of the land we operate on, taking care of the people we employ and guests we serve while supporting the community we belong to.

Here are some of our current Community and Sustainability initiatives

  • Tree planting and growing trees in our nursery
  • Housing a bee hive in partnership with local bee farm
  • Reducing landfill such as diversion programs and the use of sustainable products
  • Preserving greenspace in an urban setting
  • Hiring youth and offering High School Volunteer hours.
  • Providing donations to other non-profit organizations
  • Partnering with the Track 3 program
  • Offering an Employee Assistance Program to all staff at Boler
  • The S.T.E.P (sports training ethnic program.) - Introducing winter sports to those that have never seen snow.
  • JumpStart - Program to teach youth to snowboard
  • Community events partnership - Ontario -cup/ paralympics
    • May Court
    • Optimist Easter Egg Hunt
    • Discounts to school groups, and various groups/organizations
  • Partnering with City of London to offer community pathways and connect to Thames Valley Trail system(bikes and walking)
  • Special Event fireworks in the Byron Community
  • Community wellness programs
  • Partnerships with Leads, Goodwill, Hutton House, Community Living London - skills based training for transitional employment

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